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Social media command centre: social media intelligence on the fly

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For majority of brands these days, being on social media is a new normal. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram are now a part of integrated marketing campaigns for both B2C and B2B organisations.

Companies with a high maturity of social media usage are collecting an increasing volume of data that they can use to enhance their customer engagement. They rely on social media analytics to understand this data.

Social media analytics

Social media analytics help them understand what their customers are saying as well as gauge the effectiveness of their digital campaigns i.e. to understand consumer demographics, customer journey, solicit feedback on pain areas as well as improvement areas, actively track what influencers are saying and how do they impact the brand’s overall reach on social media.

Sentiment analysis, text analytics, key theme analysis, brand channel analysis are the broader topics which help organisations take decisions on the fly to reach their necessary KPIs for social media reach and engagement.

Social media command centre

In order to embed these capabilities into their operating model, we are seeing an increasing number of social media command centres.

In simple terms, it’s a setup dedicated to analysing social media, helping organisations understand what its stakeholders (customers, competitors, business partners, regulators) are saying about the product and their industry on social space in order to influence and make business decisions immediately. It takes the power of social media intelligence to the next level.

The figure below gives a perspective on ‘Five W’s’ (What, When, Why, Where, Who) of a social media command centre.

Command centers are essential when an event or an issue needs to be tracked real time, with business decisions being made quickly based on the trends emerging from social media interactions

 The basics of a command centre can be easily explained in the context of people, processes, tools and   strategy

People: Business consultants with social media listening and domain expertise

Processes: KPI reporting, feedback mechanism, setup in sync with organisation’s internal policies and best practices

Tools: Listening through social media analytical tools like Brandwatch, Vizia, Sysomos, Radian 6

Strategy: Provide actionable social media marketing and communication strategies as per trends and insights

At the heart of a command centre is a good social media listening tool that helps brand capture the social media mentions along with sentiments, influencers, popular metrics such as trending topics, hashtags and authors. But, it’s the expertise of a social media listening consultant that helps brands understand the key social media trends, metrics and provide credible insights which help business take decisions

In practice

As an example, our social media analytics experts have recently worked with an FMCG client and their brand managers as well as the digital marketing department to form a cross-functional team for strategising and executing a social media command centre.

This team was responsible for tracking live events on social media and garnering key insights emerging from the social media chatter

The command centre helped the brand get prompt insights on overall consumer sentiment, key discussion topics, impact of influencers such as celebrities, models, fashion bloggers, fashion experts and performance on social media metrics such as reach, impressions, shares and favorites.

The key benefits for the client:

  1. Effectiveness of content strategy: insights helped brand understand if the content was resonating with the audience and thus was tweaked instantaneously
  2. A/B testing : immediate results helped brand test different content /communication strategy and finalize on the one that worked best
  3. Immediate decision making on ad spends with the help of real time insights
  4. Strategic interventions were made possible as content and marketing channel usage were easily tweaked to include current trends and audience preferences

Command centre setup at Client location

As capabilities of a social media command centre continue to be refined, companies are now moving forward with the marriage of real time social media data with advanced text analytics providing highly sophisticated insights and facilitating more dynamic decision making. Social media command centres form a critical element in the broader analytics framework that helps organisations garner maximum consumer insights.

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