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Visiting the global network without the jetlag

I live in Melbourne where I lead the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange and I have recently discovered that I can virtually visit the San Francisco Exchange any time I like.

Live, real time visits where I can scout around the office and find local San Francisco AIE residents to chat to without having to leave the comfort of my current position. I discovered this new reality while planning for a client follow up to a recent visit. It is my new favourite thing.

Here is the conversation that I had with my colleague Andy Heppelle that kicked it all off...

Barbera (Melbourne): I wish we (in Melbourne) could be better connected to San Francisco

Andy (San Francisco): But we can! We have our friendly resident robot. We nicknamed him WallE after a beloved Disney character.

Barbera: How will that help?

Andy: You can remote access Wall-E through your mobile device to visit the office any time you want!

Barbera [Feeling intrigued, but hesitant... sounds complex]: How long does it take to set up?

Andy: Only minutes...I’m sending you the link now; do you have it?

Barbera: Great, got it. I’m just registering, oh, new password, got it. We have a client in 10 minutes, can I show them the Exchange?

Andy: Sure, I will guide you, oh, I see that you got in, we can turn off our phones now and walk and talk together through Wall-E.

Barbera: How do I drive this thing? Oh, I see... using the new app on my mobile.

Andy: You are driving now.

Barbera: Andy, these are some colleagues and a client here in Melbourne; Kristin, Cam, Ana, Mike this is Andy. Yes he's in San Francisco and I'm driving a robot through the Applied Innovation Exchange; he's giving us a tour.

Andy: Actually Barbera, as you've been at the Exchange before, I'll walk with you but you are hearing and seeing everything through Wall-E so you can do the tour if you wish.

Barbera: This just took 5 minutes from not knowing it was possible to it actually taking place.

Andy: Welcome to our new way of working!

Barbera: I am definitely getting one here. You just made my day!

It was a 20 minute tour for 5 Australians in San Francisco, no flights necessary. I continue to visit the San Francisco AIE at every opportunity – I take my colleagues and my clients and even sometimes my friends. It still makes my day.
Watch WallE in action here:

A guided tour of the San Francisco AIE, thanks to the resident Robot! from ASE UK on Vimeo.

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Barbera Kiefte
Barbera Kiefte
Barbera is part of the Digital Collaboration and Innovation team in Australia’s Digital Services practice where she leads the Applied Innovation Exchange based in Melbourne. She first joined Capgemini Australia as a project manager in Business Process Outsourcing over 8 years ago before moving to the Business Consulting practice as a management consultant. Barbera’s strength is in navigating the complexities of organisations to find innovative solutions to business problems. Her favourite pastime of the moment is taking friends and colleagues on tours of the San Francisco AIE care of WallE the robot.

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