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The power of the chalkboard

This week, over in the US Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE), one of our graphic artists, Nick Velardi, has been experimenting with depicting ideas using chalk.

Nick used a chalkboard to illustrate a couple of the ASE axioms:

• You understand the instructions only after you have assembled the furniture
If you can’t have fun with a problem, you will never solve it

The other images on the board, illustrate some of the models which the ASE use to help design events, such as the “scan, focus, act” model and “The Five Points of Mastery.” Below are the results which give a really dramatic image.

Are you inspired by Nick’s work? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences of experimenting with different media to get a message across.

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Susanna Dale
Susanna Dale
Susanna brings eight years worth of consulting experience to the ASE facilitation team. She is a Senior Consultant with a passion for ensuring the customer is at the heart of business change and design and that the best way to achieve this is through collaboration. Susanna has strong experience in the FS, CPR and health sectors, and a personal interest in sustainable development in emerging economies. Susanna is the editor of Capgemini’s Collaboration Corner which showcases the latest thoughts and opinions of Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment team.

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