Pre-Trade Platforms and Trading Systems

Your pre-trade platforms and trading systems are the hub of all trading activity, and the most critical systems in your organisation. Capgemini offers four key solutions to improve them.

Workflow design

Efficient, exception-based workflow is crucial for optimising operations, increasing trading capacity and adding new products or functions to your business. Capgemini can analyse your existing processes against industry benchmarks and work with you to implement best practices.

  • Our expertise: Our “heat mapping” technique prioritises the applications, functions and processes requiring enhancement. Based on the results, we work with you to design improvements to increase efficiency and minimise risk in your operations.

New asset class introduction

Whether you are a prime broker extending offerings to clients or a hedge fund investing in exotic structured products, your systems and processes must be capable of managing new asset classes more quickly than ever before.

  • Our expertise: Capgemini analyses your processes and systems and recommends the best way to incorporate new asset classes into your existing technical infrastructure.

Trading system implementation

Capgemini can help your business manage major package installations from start to finish. Our experienced teams offer services ranging from scope definition, strategic analysis and roadmap planning, through to design, configuration and customisation.

  • Our expertise: Our project accelerators and methodologies facilitate a quicker return on your investment. As well as offering rapid resolution of current business issues, we provide a roadmap for achieving long-term goals.

Trading system integrity

Maintaining an accurate and reliable trading system is crucial to acceptance by users and the success of your business. With a well-defined quality assurance programme and the appropriate production support, version management and upgrades, we can ensure the dependability of your system.

  • Our expertise: Capgemini has provided testing and quality assurance services to clients for more than 40 years. Our dedicated teams understand your industry and have experience with the systems and processes unique to capital markets.