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New trends are emerging in the post credit crunch banking environment that are causing banks to realise the urgency of core-banking transformation. Older platforms are proving expensive to maintain, while regulatory solvency standards like Basel III and consumer protection laws demand greater data consistency, quality, and visibility across the bank. Furthermore, as banks work to differentiate themselves, the demands for flexibility and scalability within operations and core banking systems are heightened.

We offer banks design and implementation solutions that reduce operating costs, manages risk and regulatory compliance more effectively, enhances service quality and optimises the customer experience. As a result, banks can reduce total cost of ownership, boost operational efficiency and flexibility, and ensure they have in place an IT platform that will be sustainable into the future.

Capgemini provides a comprehensive suite of core banking transformation services including:

Core banking strategy and transformation
Capgemini evaluates the feasibility of a transformation for its clients; builds the transformation strategy and roadmap; defines an operating model; builds an architectural design; formulates business requirements; and structures and manages the transformation project.

Target operating model design utilising business reference models
Capgemini has the ability to define the target operating model for a bank, which provides a comprehensive view on planning the future configuration of assets and capabilities to realise its strategic objectives. Target operating model development makes use of Capgemini’s large repository of proprietary business reference architectures and models for core banking.

Package implementation and systems integration
Capgemini offerings range from building new core platforms including implementation of off-the-shelf packages like such as Temenos T24® and Oracle® FLEXCUBE to modernising or upgrading legacy systems, or developing fully customised solutions.

Global and multi-site roll outs
Capgemini’s well-defined, proven multi-site implementation and roll-out approach provides an industrialised way of working across multiple countries, as well as for multiple system implementations within a single country.

Data migration
Through unique tools and accelerators, proven methodologies and experienced resources, Capgemini has the ability to manage migration-related challenges for its clients and provide faster, higher quality and more cost-effective data migration for core banking implementations, including the mitigation of risks to data quality and integrity.

Capgemini’s comprehensive, model-based testing approach accelerates implementation, and ensures user acceptance and a smooth transition to the new core banking system. 

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Lowering risk and accelerating return on investment

Capgemini’s business-led, technology-supported approach draws on deep global core banking experience and ensures that the core banking solution is effective, efficient and well-adopted by your business. Our capabilities include:

  • More than 10 years of experience working on various banking systems and more than 1,000 projects delivered in the banking sector
  • Involvement of subject matter experts throughout the programme lifecycle
  • Ability to reduce a transformation programme timeline by up to 20%
  • Ability to reduce target state design time by up to 20% with a repository of more than 300 business process reference models
  • Expertise on market-leading platforms Temenos and Flexcube, with unparalleled accelerators
  • More than 2,000 core banking professionals globally supported by our Rightshore® network
  • 17,000 reusable banking test cases

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