Cards and Payments

Anytime, anywhere, any device payments are today’s reality. The challenge for payments service providers is to meet evolving customer expectations with frictionless payments, while remaining competitive with aggressive, innovative, and flexible non-bank players.

Achieve customer centricity with payments innovation

The global payments market is expected to continue on a high growth trajectory with non-cash payments volumes projected to grow at a rate of more than 10% to reach a record high of 426.3 billion transactions in 2015*. The increasing complexity of the regulatory landscape requires banks to adopt a holistic compliance strategy. Even corporates are now demanding more digital offerings from banks, and banks can meet these by investing in their digital capabilities. Banks also need to adopt a more collaborative approach with FinTechs to absorb their innovative capacities and provide more digital offerings to corporates.


Capgemini helps financial institutions efficiently and cost-effectively adopt emerging technologies in the payments landscape to resolve the most common payment issues, and ensure compliance to local and global requirements through realization of a payments hub. Learn how Capgemini is delivering next generation payment solutions for PSD2, real-time payments and blockchain.


*World Payments Report 2016, Capgemini and BNP Paribas


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