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 SAP Pinnacle awards winner 2015  Capgemini UK received the ‘Recognized Expertise’ award for SAP HANA


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One of the biggest complaints from the finance teams is that the data held in operational systems is not easily reflected in planning scenarios, leading to a lot of manual work, offline processes, time-consuming planning cycles, and potential inaccuracies. Listen to the SAP EMEA Webinar: ‘Become Highly Efficient with the Next Generation of Business Planning’, which is targeted to CFOs and Finance professionals. 

In its long-time role as steward of the enterprise, Finance could only make recommendations to the business after month-end, based on past results. But with technology now providing real-time insights into Finance and Operations, the CFO office can look ahead and guide its constituents to navigate a true course through any economic climate. How? Finance can harness on interpretation and predictive analysis to help the company focus on strategic goals.