Assistive Technology Service

Maximise the productivity of your whole workforce while ensuring that staff affected by disability know they are a valued part of the organisation.

Capgemini's Assistive Technology specialists can provide everything from strategy consulting to a managed service, depending on your needs.

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Why consider Assistive Technology?

Is your organisation equipped to comply with the UK Equality Act 2010 (which supersedes the Disability Discrimination Act)? Can people make the fullest possible contribution to your business irrespective of disability? If you can't confidently answer "yes" to both questions, it's worth taking another look at the Assistive Technology available today.

It's been estimated that, of the people in work in the UK who are affected by disabilities, around 24% are in management or professional occupations, and around 2% of the working age population becomes affected each year. You can't afford to lose the knowledge of experienced employees  – and you don't need to. The right Assistive Technology can ensure all your staff continue to make the fullest contribution.

The benefits are wider than you might expect, too. Estimates suggest that 62% of all workers would benefit from disability-related software access features.

How we can help

You may have already invested in assistive, adaptive or rehabilitative devices but need help in deploying and using them to their full potential. Or perhaps you have yet to start your Assistive Technology journey. Whatever stage you are at, Capgemini's Assistive Technology team – and our proven portfolio of services – can help. They can:
  • Advise on accessibility strategy to ensure all staff make the fullest contribution.
  • Help introduce mechanisms to ensure accessibility is considered early in the selection process for IT systems. 
  • Work with the internal IT team to ensure the required standards and tool kits are adopted and embedded into their processes.
  • Test IT systems and other technology to ensure that they are accessible and comply with standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Where necessary, show you how to enhance the technology or change the methods of interacting with it.
  • Provide guidance as to the options available, from text telephones and accessible keyboards, to large print, Braille and speech recognition software.
  • Work with you to make external-facing websites accessible, opening up your services to a wider audience.
Your organisation can access these services either on an ad hoc basis, for example for one-off healthchecks, or for ongoing enhancement and support.

Capgemini and Assistive Technology

A member of the Business Disability Forum, we are committed to employing people affected by disability. We have achieved the Positive About Disabled People Two Ticks accreditation for several consecutive years. This has been possible due to our commitment to our employees, who are all supported by our in-house Assistive Technology team. We have also tied up with the Business Disability Forum to sponsor industry-leading publications on disability and have licensed their line manager guides for use in Capgemini. Click here to know why.

Our Assistive Technology team is adept at making accessibility part of the requirements definition for the design of new systems. This approach helps clients to achieve continuous improvement in the staff and customer user experience. Capgemini now also offer the Assistive Technology service on the Government Cloud platform G-Cloud5. You can find us on G-Cloud - additional information on our Cloud service can be found here

User feedback on our work

“The team worked tirelessly to get me onto the systems necessary for my job. As changes happened to the job and the systems, the team were there every step of the way to make it possible.”
“Without the team's support, I wouldn't have been able to progress with my career, as I would have shied away from certain situations, which I don’t any more.”
“When I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, it became difficult to do my job. I've found Capgemini's support over the years reassuring; it's enabled me to continue my career progression, which I'd initially thought might not be possible.”
“Support has been ongoing and I'm often contacted by the team for a progress check on how things are going.”
“Without the help and support of this team, I doubt very much if I'd be able to do the sort of work I am currently doing.”

“I am now engaged in a quality job, working as efficiently as a sighted member of staff.”
“The patient and friendly team are always available at the end of an email or telephone to offer expert advice and support.”

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