April 2017 - Capgemini Group announces Global ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management


Capgemini Group has achieved a global ISO 14001 certificate for its Environmental Management System (EMS) demonstrating a one-team approach to global environmental management.  The certificate covers operations in eight countries (India, North America (USA and Canada), UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Finland), 144 sites and over 130,000 people.  More countries will be added to our global EMS soon with the implementation for Capgemini Poland already underway.

Central to Capgemini’s global sustainability strategy is our innovative approach to environmental management with our global Sustainability Centre of Excellence team of environmental experts based in India providing remote support to ensure that we manage our environmental impacts.  ISO140001 forms a core part of approach and demonstrates our commitment to continually improve the management of environmental issues and to minimising our impacts.

James Robey, Global Head of Corporate Sustainability at Capgemini, said, “Achieving a global certification is a significant milestone in our environmental journey. It means that we are working across countries as one team to share knowledge and best practice around the group. This ensures that our approach to environmental issues is consistent cross our operations, which helps us drive forward greater efficiencies and brings innovation to our approach.”

James added “Our sustainability programme is also enabling us to drive down our global carbon emissions. This is critical and following the Paris Agreement on climate change (COP21), Cagpemini Group renewed our ambition to reduce total carbon emissions per employee by 20% by 2020 (compared to 2015).  Last year, we achieved a 3.4% reduction firmly establishing our trend in the right direction.”

In addition to Capgemini’s global certificate, countries including Belgium, Brazil, France, Portugal and Spain also hold local ISO14001 certifications covering their operations.  Our environmental sustainability programme is part of our wider commitment to Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability.