Applied Innovation Exchange Global Network

The Applied Innovation Exchange Global Network provides an immersive and transformative environment, as well as the infrastructure to innovate at speed and scale.

The Global Exchange Network

One of the core components of the Applied Innovation Exchange is the cohesive network of global Exchanges designed to provide organisations an environment for the exploration, discovery, testing and application of innovation. It supports a broad range of customer interaction scenarios and services that enable companies to experiment with technologies and provides an opportunity to co-locate at the Exchanges. All Exchanges have a structured AIE framework to ensure a consistent client experience and access to an extensive global ecosystem of leading businesses, technology partners, startups, academia, venture capitalists and much more.

Each Exchange can provide immediate access to the latest technologies and priorities, including Cloud, Cybersecurity, Insights and Data, Internet of Things and Vanguard IT (Dev Ops). They also offer additional expertise in these five sectors: Automotive, Consumer Products and Retail, Banking, Insurance and Utilities.

AIE aligns over 30 innovation environments globally. This includes facilities such as narrowly-focused innovation labs, Centres of Excellence, Discovers and a network of Exchanges around the world which helps companies through the end-to-end Applied Innovation process. These Exchange locations include: San Francisco, Paris, Toulouse, Lille, London, Munich, Utrecht, Melbourne, Mumbai, Toronto (Applied Innovation Discover).

Connect with one of our global exchanges today for an immersive experience to road test and accelerate your ideas and prototypes into real solutions.

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