Analytical Solutions

As more data becomes available so the opportunities for it to bring new insights and better decisions become boundless. You can now achieve real change in business outcomes, through better marketing performance, customer intimacy, reduced fraud, improved basket mix or lower operating costs.

End-to-end delivery for high return on investment

In our survey "The Deciding Factor", 55% of respondents stated that big data management is not viewed strategically at senior levels, which is a critical success factor in managing big data. We work with our various clients in different ways: for some it is helping with the strategy, business case and the analytical models. Other clients may require a full end-to-end managed analytical service. That is why we work closely with you to understand your business process and objectives. From this, we tailor solutions to directly address your business need. Through finding the right algorithms, we will deliver the optimum solution with optimum business value.

Business Intelligence to drive performance

We consistently deliver high ROI for our clients through effective implementation of business analytic solutions. Analytics is specific to your company, industry and business needs and we offer a range of solutions tailored to you:

  • Customer Analytics: Understand what your customers really think about you and your products and interact with them more effectively to raise customer satisfaction levels
  • Marketing Analytics: Make your marketing more targeted and effective through campaign appraisal and analysis
  • Predictive Asset Maintenance: Increasingly sophisticated intelligent devices give you a wealth of data that can be analysed to provide major changes in availability and operational cost management
  • Enterprise Performance Analytics: Understand the core value drivers of your business and how and in which areas they impact profitability and financial performance
  • Social Media Analytics: Effective analysis of social media is a vital new information stream for today’s business. Delivered as an outsourced social media management service or an integral business process through Social Insight into Action
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling: Optimise your operations, workforce and service levels for improved efficiency and reduced carbon footprint and cost
  • Fraud Management: Protect against tax and welfare fraud by finding patterns in data and alert for new potential attacks in Financial Services and Public Sector (tax and welfare)
  • Risk Analysis: Understand the risks facing your business and model risk scenarios to set the right business strategy
  • CFO Analytics (BPO Services): Analyse the performance of your core financial processes to stem revenue leakage, improve cashflow and margin, and achieve tighter operational control

Our Analytical Solutions experts also cover a range of industry-specific solutions:

  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Aviation
  • Consumer Products & Retail

Actionable insights from your data

Capgemini and its partners have built a range of analytical solutions using advanced models for specific business scenarios. We have implemented analytical solutions for clients in all sectors from simple customer segmentation through to complex predictive risk and behavioural models.

Clients have improved their marketing effectiveness, reduced revenue wastage and understood the cost drivers in their business.

  • We work with clients to help them spot fraud, be that in retail transactions or tax and welfare claims. Capgemini implemented and runs the IT which underpins the strategic risking tool for UK tax agency, HM Revenue & Customs. The solution has enabled over £1.3 billion additional yield since implementation. Read the full story
  • Our Advance Planning and Scheduling solution helped a global container shipping company to execute a plan and schedule for their workforce and their transport fleets, reducing their operational costs by 10–15%.
  • With our marketing analytics solution, a telco client saw more than 200% growth in sales through the paid search channel by more effective targeting.

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