Analytical & Big Data Technologies

Big data analytics offers you new opportunities for insight and business change. By understanding patterns in structured and unstructured data, we provide insights that directly improve your business outcomes and set your business apart.

How to Treat Your Customer Like an Individual, Not a Transaction

Manage big data technology in 4 steps

We work with you to find the most appropriate technologies to deliver real business outcomes from big data. Capgemini breaks down big data management into 4 process steps underpinned by essential data services:


Each step has a set of processes and technologies, many common to traditional Business Information Management solutions but also with some new big data technologies. For example the acquisition has to deal with new sources such as voice and video; marshalling deals with new distributed architectures and data streaming.

Direct your big data to create business opportunities

Putting the right big data technologies in place means you get accurate results in real time, which help you tackle some of the key challenges facing business today:

  • Know what your customers really think about you and your products
  • Know what levers you should pull and when to interact with your customer that’s more effective and mutually beneficial
  • Detect fraud and risk in real-time with sufficient information to take effective, corrective action
  • Truly understand your operations, your supply chain and back-office and how to optimise them across your organisation
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your workforce

Master the power of big data technology

Within the BIM (Business Information Management) CUBE Lab, Capgemini has set up all the latest big data technologies, such as Hadoop and MapReduce, alongside a wide range of core BIM solutions. We have also developed some of the largest data and analytical solutions available, capable of analysing hundreds of terabytes of data. By making these technologies work together and build Proof-of Concept solutions, you can harness the power of big data.

We have worked with clients on big data initiatives to gain customer and market insight through analysing the vast volumes of data from customer online behaviour and social media interaction. We have also developed solutions to analyse machine sensor data to build completely new models of equipment performance and new associated business models.

Combining Social Insight into Action and powerful technology, Capgemini recently delivered a comprehensive 3 year digital transformation strategy for a major Australian financial institution. We analysed data from customer segments value and competition to the client’s own channel mix to define a digital value proposition across all channels. This programme will bring a revenue uplift of potentially over $80m and significantly improved customer satisfaction.

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