In our testimonials, some of our brilliant team members talk about their careers and experiences, as well as advice for new joiners coming into the organisation.

Capgemini UK Testimonials


    Abbi Anand


    "Capgemini has so many diverse people and you can learn from every one of them."


    Abi Stokes


    "You learn so much and the industry is forever changing – we are being prepared to use technologies that haven’t even been created yet."

  • Amy Grange

    Amy Grange


    "I’m always striving to spread the good news about apprenticeships and what they can offer"


    Andre Peppiatt


    "What I love about Capgemini is the way it enables you to succeed"


    Andrew Harmel-Law


    "I’m learning to be the best team lead I can be. I want to look after my colleagues in a way that makes us famous."


    Anne Cave-Penney


    "I’m learning to be the best team lead I can be. I want to look after my colleagues in a way that makes us famous."

  • Berni Roberts

    Berni Roberts


    "The difference is that Capgemini really wants to live its values, and this for me is a unique quality in an organisation."

  • Caroline Sloan

    Caroline Sloan


    "Be true to yourself – you were recruited because of who you are, so stick with it!"


    Davina Warwick


    "The people around me are keen for me to succeed, and are supportive and encouraging."


    Emily Rose


    "The people here are so helpful. You’re treated so well, and there’s a strong support network. You can go to anyone for help and advice."


    Emma Morris


    "I have worked for a few consultancies, and can honestly say this is the best work-life balance I have experienced. I’m confident my future lies with Capgemini"


    Fiona O’Sullivan


    "I’d say the highlights of my career were about watching people flourish after I’ve supported and motivated them."

  • Jane Steed

    Jane Steed


    "We need different backgrounds, experiences, intellects, sexualities, because it is in mixing all of those together that you get the creativity and innovation we desperately need."

  • Jo Carruthers

    Jo Carruthers


    "The best thing to me is the culture: “people matter” is written through the whole organisation like the words in a stick of Blackpool rock."


    Jo Sellwood


    "I have a job I love and a family who see the benefits of it in a number of different ways"

  • Julia Bowler

    Julia Bowler


    "Something I love about consulting is that no two days are ever the same. The variety certainly keeps you on your toes!"


    Kam Naik


    "Technology is our present and future. I feel there is a place in the sector for anyone, whatever their background."


    Kerry Appleton-Norman


    "I love the variety of work, with interesting clients and inspiring colleagues."


    Lisa Eckersley


    "Working flexibly certainly hasn’t held me back in my career"


    Martin Scott


    "Role models are the reason I have progressed through the ranks at Capgemini so quickly, and role models continue to support me."


    Michelle Moody


    "Working with such truly talented people is great – and so is working on new and exciting programmes."


    Nicola Hodkinson


    "I have always felt supported and recognised, and in return Capgemini always gets the best out of me, with my energy levels today being equal to when I joined."

  • Ranju Bridges

    Ranju Bridges


    "Build a good network of people. Help and volunteer where you can. This is a people company, so you need to be a people person."

  • Renam Kahlon

    Renam Kahlon


    "The mentoring and support at Capgemini is of great value in building your career and balancing work with the rest of your life."

  • Renee Blanchard

    Renee Blanchard


    "Working in tech is great because you get to play with new and emerging technologies."

  • Richard Thompson

    Richard Thompson


    "Active inclusion and diversity has played an important part in my career, and at Capgemini."