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Less is more. Business travel is a particular issue for the Professional Services industry. While recognising the need for important face to face time with our clients, we continue to take steps to reduce the impact of business travel as part of our wider environmental initiatives.  

TravelWell Capgemini UK logoTaking action

TravelWell Programme

As a global business travel is integral to the way we work, accounting for over 30% of our carbon footprint. By 2014 however, we are targeting a reduction in travel carbon emissions of 30%. The TravelWell Programme is plays a vital role in working towards this target. 

TravelWell is a holistic approach to sustainable employee travel that aims to accomplish a behavioural change. Its focus is to ensure that the right tools are in place for employees to make informed decisions and to educate through innovative engagement campaigns. A dedicated cross functional team and Business Champions are responsible for ensuring employees are supported to find ways of travelling less or not at all.  

BITC 2012 logoWe have introduced schemes to promote:
  • Video or teleconferencing and other collaborative working tools to limit the number of individual business trips. 

  • Use of public transport, including special company bus services and rail passes.

  • Car-sharing, including incentives to increase engagement.  

  • Virtual working and flexible working hours to enable employees to work remotely and travel outside peak periods.

  • Green Parking facilities at 8 sites with plans for expansion. 

  • Personal Carbon Statements

  • Car Fleet review

The impact 

  • Since 2008 we have reduced travel carbon emissions by 12.6%, a reduction of 2,091 tonnes of CO2e.
  • No Travel Weeks in 2011 delivered a reduction of 23 tonnes in CO2e emissions.
  • Awarded a Business in the Community (BITC) Big Tick award and shortlisted for a National Award of Excellence. 
  • Won Business Green Award for Travel Project of the Year 2012.

Monitoring our success 

By investing in carbon data management we are able to report our progress and further tackle the impact of travel by producing:

  • Monthly Travel Carbon Reporting including a KPI dashboard for use within management meetings.
  • Business Unit Carbon Reporting for Business Champions.
  • Personalised Carbon Statements issued quarterly to employees undertaking business travel.

Reducing the environmental impact of our travel by embracing technology and changing behaviour have been instrumental in the success of the TravelWell programme. In order to meet the ambitious 2014 target, we will continue to find innovative ways to reduce travel carbon emissions in the future.

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