Accountable through a world class carbon management system

We have a world class carbon accounting approach which enables us to measure, analyse and transparently report on our environmental impacts. We measure our carbon footprint globally, capturing millions of data points every month from over 500 facilities and covering the travel patterns of over 180,000 people. 

On the macro level, our advanced carbon accounting tool enables us to forecast global emissions, track progress against our ambitious environmental targets and react to risks and opportunities as they emerge. On the micro level, we’re able to generate project specific carbon reports using unique project codes and ‘individual carbon statements’ for our people enabling individuals and teams to track their own emissions and take actions to reduce where possible. 

In order to streamline and optimise this process, we developed our carbon accounting centre of excellence who are responsible for ensuring the consistency and comparability of our carbon reporting across the Capgemini Group. 

In the UK, we compare the environmental performance of Capgemini UK’s individual business units to ensure that each business area is playing its part in reducing our overall impact. This data is reported to the UK CR&S Board (chaired by Paul Margetts - CEO Apps UK and comprising senior representatives from all business units) on a monthly basis, to help inform our environmental strategy.

In Q2 each year, Capgemini UK announces its greenhouse gas emissions for the previous year through the publication of an annual UK CR&S report


An award winning approach:

We are recognised externally for the completeness of our carbon accounting, with Capgemini Group being recognised by Bloomberg as being only one of 66 companies (out of around 3,000 assessed) which transparently reports 100% of its carbon data.

Carbon data is also of growing interest to investors and clients with voluntary disclosure schemes such as CDP, Ecovadis, Vigeo-Eiris developing in response to this demand. Our world class carbon management approach has helped us score A- in our CDP Climate Change disclosure in 2016, placing us in the top 23% of companies in our sector. 

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